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Aviation - Military Prints

Applicable Taxes (Canadian Residents) + Shipping Added at Time of Purchase.
Fine-art prints are produced individually as ordered.
1. Proofing/printing process takes 2-3 weeks
2. We will keep you informed throughout the process.
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357 Sqn. Burma Drop
By Rich Thistle © RAF 357 Sqn. B-24 Liberator dropping men & supplies behind enemy lines during..
406 Night Prowler
By Rich Thistle © RCAF 406 Squadron Bristol Beaufighter WWIIlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n ..
408 Cloud Companions
By Rich Thistle © Handley Page Hampden and Lancaster MkII RCAFlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/..
442 Scramble: Beny Sur Mer
By Rich Thistle © Mk IX Spitfires scramble from a forward airfield in Normandy shortly after D-Day, ..
Above the Channel
By Rich Thistle © RCAF 442 Squadron Mk IX Spitfire, WWII limited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n by ..
All in a Day's Work
By Rich Thistle © Female pilot ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) Spitfire Mk IV, WWIIlimited-edition fin..
Almost Home
By Rich Thistle © RCAF Lancaster MkX, WW IIlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n by the artist ima..
Angels Thirty
By Rich Thistle © RCAF Spitfire Mk XI, 400 Sqn. photo-reconnaissance, WWIIlimited-edition fine-art p..
Annies Straight & Level
By Rich Thistle © Avro Anson trainers, WWII British Commonwealth Air Training Plan limited-edition f..
Another Morning
By Rich Thistle © RCAF Lancaster VRA, WWIIlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n by the artist imag..
Avro Arrow
By Rich Thistle © double portrait of the CF-105 Avro Arrow, legendary Canadian supersonic intercept..
Beacons of Liberty
By Rich Thistle © RCAF 442 Sqn Mustang Mk IV D's (long-range, fighter-bomber) flying top cover over..
Bedded Down
By Rich Thistle © Stearman primary trainer, US Army Air Corps biplane The aircraft depicted, at tim..
Birds of a Feather
By Rich Thistle © P51 Mustangs, WWII long-range escort fighter-bombers - beautifully restored aircra..
Black Dawn
By Rich Thistle © Lockheed F 117A Stealth Fighter, Persian Gulf War, 1991limited-edition fine-art p..
Blue Vault
By Rich Thistle © Mk IX Spitfires (VZ-F) Canadian Charlie Fox, Biggin Hill Wing 1944 & squadron ..
Courage by Moonlight
By Rich Thistle © RAF 103 Sqn. Lancaster MkIII piloted by F/S J. Cooke CGM, WWIIlimited-edition fin..
D-Day Sweep
By Rich Thistle © WWII Mk IX Spitfires, 411 Sqn. RCAF, Normandy, D-Day, June 1944 limited-edition f..
Daylight Raid Lancasters
By Rich Thistle © RCAF Lancasters 428 Sqn. WWIIlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n by the artist..
Dieppe Dawn
By Rich Thistle © Canadian RCAF 416 (Lynx) Sqn. cannon-armed Spitfire V, Dieppe, Aug. 19, 1942, WWII..
Dream Machine
By Rich Thistle © legendary Avro Arrow #201, first of five flying Canadian designed and built CF-10..
Eagle Street
By Rich Thistle © F15 C Eagle 1st Tactical Fighter Wing USAF, air superiority fighter, Persian Gulf..
By Rich Thistle © Capt. Donald Emerson 4th FG 336 Sqn., USAF, P-51D Mustang, WWIIlimited-edition fi..
Encounter With a Legend
By Rich Thistle © Manfred von Richthofen in his Fokker DrI overflies two Sopwith Camels, his final ..
Escort Mustang
By Rich Thistle © RCAF Mustang D, WWIIlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n by the artist image si..
Falcon of Malta
By Rich Thistle © portrait of Canadian WWII ace George "Buzz" Beurling, nicknamed "Falcon of Malta" ..
Fast Woman
By Rich Thistle © B17 F Flying Fortress, 359th Bomber Sqn. US 8th Air Force completed 154 missions ..
Final Victory
By Rich Thistle © German Fokker Dr I Triplane & Sopwith Camel, WWI, Apr. 20, 1918, Manfred von ..
Finger Four Seaford
By Rich Thistle © Mk IIA Spitfires of 145 Sqn. RAF led by W/C Douglas Bader, Tangmere, south- easter..
Fox in the Henhouse
By Rich Thistle © Canada's George "Buzz" Beurling DSO, DFC, DFM & Bar, highest scoring WWII ace,..
Gulf Patrol
By Rich Thistle © CF 18A Hornet, fighter-bomber, Persian Gulf War 1991 limited-edition fine-art pri..
Hornets Over the Gulf
By Rich Thistle © CF-18 Hornets, Persian Gulf War, 1991 limited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n by t..
By Rich Thistle © Legendary Canadian, WWI ace Billy Bishop in his S.E.5a biplane limited-edition fi..
In Good Company
By Rich Thistle © Three US Military Stearmans, privately owned and flown by 3 American pilots enjoy..
Into the Wind
By Rich Thistle © Canadian Robert Hampton (Hammy) Gray, VC, DSC in his final sortee flying a Royal N..
Lone Wolf at Dawn
By Rich Thistle © Nieuport 17 biplane flown by Canadian WWI ace, Billy Bishop attacking a German ai..
Looking for Trouble
By Rich Thistle © RCAF 438 Sqn. Wildcats, Typhoon Ib's, WWIIlimited-edition fine-art print 100 s/n ..
Manned Missile
By Rich Thistle © double portrait of an RCAF, F-104G Starfighter, tactical reconnaissance limited-ed..
Mosquito Over 4-Horse Binder
By Rich Thistle © Stratford grew from its agricultural roots. During World War II, a friend of the ..
Mustang Over Mont Orgueil
By Rich Thistle © RCAF 442 Sqn. Mustangs, Liberation of Jersey, Channel Islands May 9, 1945, WWII l..
Nervous Energy
By Rich Thistle © beautifully restored and maintained P51-D Mustang on display at the 1995 Muirkirk..
Off the Formidable
By Rich Thistle © Canadian Robert Hampton (Hammy) Gray, VC, DSC and his final sortee in Royal Navy C..
Prairie Tailchase
By Rich Thistle © Mk II Noorduyn Harvards "Yellow Peril", Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada, British Comm..
Press On Regardless
By Rich Thistle ©Canadian RCAF Canso pilot, F/L David E. Hornell, VC, 162 Sqn. Canso attacking a Ger..
Quarry in the Moonpath
By Rich Thistle © F/O Kenneth O. Moore RCAF, DSO, American Silver Star, in a B-24 Liberator, sinks t..
Racing With the Moon
By Rich Thistle © Beautifully restored Stearman primary trainer, Navy version biplane.Stearman prim..
Spirit of D-Day
By Rich Thistle © CF-18 Hornet in ww2 invasion stripes, flown by Canadian Forces Capt. Matt Bradley ..
Stalking the Eagle
By Rich Thistle © Sopwith Camels and Fokker Dr1, WWI limited edition fine-art print 100 s/n by the..
Storm Over Malta
By Rich Thistle © RAF Baltimore J 69 Sqn., WW II limited edition fine-art print 100 s/n by the arti..
Swordfish Patrol
By Rich Thistle © Fairey Swordfish, torpedo bomber WWII limited edition fine-art print 100 s/n by t..
The Calm Before the Storm
By Rich Thistle © bare metal B-17G Flying Fortress, US 8th Air Force bomber aircraft, WWII limited ..
The High Road
By Rich Thistle © British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, Centralia Ontario, Anson Mk II and Harvar..
The Long Road Home
By Rich Thistle © Canadian built Lancaster Mk X bomber, WWII limited edition fine-art print 100 s/n..
The Queen Returns
By Rich Thistle © RCAF 424 Squadron 6 Group Halifax Mk III, WWII limited edition litho print 100 s..
Thunder Over the Desert
By Rich Thistle © USAF A-10A (Warthog) Thunderbolts 23rd TFW, Persian Gulf War, 1991 limited editio..
Tomcat Territory
By Rich Thistle © F-14 Tomcat VF-154 Squadron US Navy, air-superiority fighter, over an aircraft car..
Tough & Ready the Memphis Belle
By Rich Thistle © B-17F 24485 Flying Fort 324BS 91BG US 8th AF, WWII limited edition fine-art print..
Tribute to Courage
By Rich Thistle © RCN Flower Class Corvette, RCAF Spitfire Mk IX, RCA Sherman tank, celebrates the ..
Typhoons Beating up the Autobahn
By Rich Thistle © RCAF Typhoon 1bs going after targets of opportunity on the Autobahn, WWII limite..
Ultimate Heavy
By Rich Thistle © US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress, Linebacker II campaign, Vietnam War limited ed..
Victory Over Kiska
By Rich Thistle © Canadian Ken Boomer flying RCAF P-40 Kitty Hawk in a battle with a Japanese Rufe (..
We Flew With the Heroic Few
By: Rich Thistle © RCAF 401 Sqn Hurricanes and Heinkel 111's over London, Sept. 15, 1940 in the mids..
Don't Climb Don't Dive Just Turn
By Rich Thistle ©'Spitfire Mk IV b & Bf 109F-2 "Special" Adolf Gallandlimited-edition fine-art p..
Double Diamond Radical Twins
By Rich Thistle © CT-114 Tutors Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron limited edition l..
Julies Jewel
By Rich Thistle ©limited-edition fine-art print100 s/n by the artistimage size 24" x 18" (same size ..